Arthur Anderson
Michael Benjamin
Research Scientist
Alicia Cabrera-Mino
Michael Defilippo
Research Engineer
Hugh Dougherty
Research Assistant
I love the water. I started sailing at an early age and racing shortly after. I've been involved in robotics for a few years now, my first competition being Sailbot with an autonomous sailboat.
Mohamed Saad Ibn Seddik
Postdoctoral Associate
Mohamed Saad's passion for Marine Robotics started with the SAUC-E (Student Autonomous Underwater Challenge - Europe) challenge in 2011 off the Italian coast. He then lead the team the following three years to the finals winning different awards. Passionate about Autonomy and Software Architecture, he is advising the team build a sustainable platform for the competition but also education and research.
Mary Ibrahim
Industry Advisor
Jonathan Garcia-Mallen
Jonathan arrived at MIT to make robots smarter. He's learned lots of math, made marvelous mistakes, and met now amazing people. Now a fourth-year undergrad in EECS, this has all culminated in the honor of leading the MIT-[your-company-name-here] team in making a smarter vessel.
Brindha Kanniah
I'm just a beach babe that likes robots and the seas.
Kyle Kotowick
Ph.D. Candidate
Kyle is a 4th year PhD candidate in MIT's Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
Dimitris Koutentakis
Benjamin Martell
Jaya Narain
Manjinder Singh
Michelle Sit
Research Fellow
Lauren TenCate
Like most of the team, I really like robots and the ocean. I'm a fan of swimming and water polo and machining.
Ali Trueworthy
Alon Yaari
Research Engineer
Technical Director of Team MIT-Olin at the RobotX '14 event.