MIT RobotX

Maritime RobotX Challenge


Also known as the "MIT/[Your-Company-Name-Here] RobotX Team!"

MIT RobotX Team

We won in 2014. Our boat kissed the river bottom, the semester swallowed our numbers, but we still snatched victory. Striving for excellence again, dedicated new members navigate new challenges as the 2016 team. We have resources. A home-grown marine autonomy framework, support from our autonomous underwater vehicle lab, and a network of amazing people at this Institute. We are students passionate for robots and waters. We're ready to learn! And as we learn, we're building a system that will continue to learn by exploring the waters of Massachusetts. What we build will impact not only MIT, but the marine autonomy community. Come 2018, our competition code will be released as open source for all to use and improve. So join us! Be it by following us on twitter, sponsoring us, or coming on board on the team, we invite you to partner with on our voyage.

Contact Info

  •   (617) 299-9873
  •   77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA, USA 02139